SiLC - Satellite based Information and E-Learning Channel for Manufacturers and Service Companies

Status date

The project "Broadband Satellite Information and e-Learning Channel for Manufacturers and Service Companies (SiLC)", intends to deploy broadband IP services via satellite to provide a new type of high quality and professional service channel. It will enable the electronic-hardware manufacturing industry as well as the consumer electronics industry to introduce their products to the trade and market professionals and also to the end consumer.
The project intends to bring competing market players together on a single thematic platform. It will become a forum for discussion within the industry, and allow direct communication with suppliers, retailers and end consumers. Educational and training sessions will be transmitted as well as product information and promotional material. This enables companies to deliver targeted information directly to their sales people and business partners.


The SiLC Broadband Channel offers information related to businesses, industries, institutions and associations, along with rich broadband media presentations, e-learning applications and cached Internet browsing.


Contents and services offered by SiLC:

  • Daily news,
  • Product information, product trailer, promotion clips and Infomercials,
  • Technical information, datasheets,
  • Rich Media presentation,
  • Broadband teaching and training applications,
  • Special offer of products and services.
  • Central offering of all sector-relevant information for trade and industry,
  • Information retrieval faster than ever before,
  • Time savings in sales and marketing activities,
  • Time savings in promotion and special offers,
  • Time savings in teaching and training of employees.

Data Broadcast Platform
The data broadcast platform is used for the aggregation, scheduling and sending of content, as well as for the management of broadcast channels, subscribers and subscriber groups. It provides an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface that allows the preparation and distribution of content with minimum effort.

The platform has the capability to manage a list of different individual subscribers as well as groups of subscribers. This function makes it possible to target a defined list of recipients, or to distribute different content to all participants at the same time.

The platform continuously receives feedback information regarding content status, the history of events that have affected the content, files included in the content as well as status information on each transmission generated by the content schedules.

Receiving tool / Display client plug-in
The display client plug-in is the basic receiving tool of the data broadcasting platform on the consumer end. It contains basic functions to receive and manage data at the user end. It allows the user to subscribe to specific content or stream, and is the tool responsible for receiving subscribed content.

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First period: 01.01.2003 - 28.02.2003
Production design, concept, development, research.

Second period: 01.03.2003 - 30.04.2003
Content development, Establish demo applications.

Third period: 01.05.2003 - 31.08.2003
Setup beta test platform, content development, acquisition of partners.

Fourth period: 01.09.2003 - 30.11.2003
Pilot phase with test community.

Current status

The project was completed with the release of the SiLC data broadcast platform.

SiLC combines modules to distribute rich media content via multicast over satellite to end users or user groups. The development of SiLC was successful in both a technical and contextual manner. SilC aroused a lot of attention within the target user group and branch industry.

During the pilot phase, which involved the distribution of demo content, the technical platform and content distribution concept worked well and without any major problems. In addition to this, the project lead to a better understanding of technical opportunities and commercial feasibility. Cine Plus sees future opportunities for the acquisition of customers with a roll-out of this concept to users in various sectors, the emphasis being on applications in the following areas:

  • Learning
  • Media
  • Industry
  • Government

Applications in these sectors will be related to the utilization of a specific service such as content distribution only, or to a combination of services, for example, integrated content production, content contribution and content delivery to customers or corporate networks.

Opportunities for the integration of SiLC in the short term depend on the integration of this rich media distribution into the Cine Plus media production workflow and their standard media services such as news gathering, tv shooting, editing, digital film distribution, graphics/animations, special effects and more.

Since broadband networks like cable, satellite, xdsl and umts are available for everyone, this becomes more and more a reality.

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