SkyWAN® 1070Q

Status date

In the project the SkyWAN® IDU 1070’s IP and management functions are extended. Of the overall four IP/LAN ports, one provides integrated PEP (Performance Enhancement Proxy) functionality, including VPN with IPsec, TCP acceleration and HTTP prefetching. Also, a dedicated management port is introduced, with DHCP/DNS capability. Furthermore, the management of the new functions is included in the SkyNMS® network management system.


Key issues of the new SkyWAN® IDU 1070 features are:

  • Integration of PEP and QoS mechanism for IP traffic.
  • Allow configuration and management via web browser, SSH or SNMP.
  • Configurable firewall for protection against unauthorized access.
  • Integration of PEP into SkyNMS® network planning and configuration.
  • Support of user LAN port modes for local switching as well as for independent LAN ports (“fork mode”).
  • New informative views in SkyNMS® Topology Manager for visualisation of network topology and status.



The major benefits of the new SkyWAN® IDU 1070 features are:

  • IP/VPN support for secured private user traffic in fully meshed networks,
  • HTTP pre-fetching allows improved download performance,
  • Dedicated management port for separation from user traffic,
  • Easy management access supported by DHCP/DNS service,
  • SkyNMS® network visualisation views for immediate overviews,
  • Customer defined actions in case of network events with different action types including Logging, Email notification, Popup Windows.

The key features of the project are:

PEP (Performance Enhancement Proxy)
with the following functions:

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) router for secure transfer of data via public networks.
  • Hardware-based DES, 3DES and AES encryption with IPsec protocol.
  • Configurable firewall with dynamic packet filter.
  • Anti-virus protection with support for HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3 protocols.
  • Performance enhancements for TCP/HTTP traffic over VPN tunnels.
  • HTTP pre-fetching.
  • QoS mechanism for IP traffic.
  • Configuration and management via web browser, SSH or SNMP.

Figure: Multi-Hub SkyWAN® Network with IDU 1070 and PEP

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PEP Management within SkyNMS®

  • Integration into SkyNMS® Planning and Configuration,
  • Remote access to PEP via SkyNMS® Network Configurator,
  • Remote access to PEP via SkyNMS® MIB Browser,
  • Local access to PEP via SkyWAN® Line-up Manager,
  • Integration of PEP into MIB (Management Information Base),
  • Introduction of new component type and visualization of IDU 1070 with PEP as new icon in SkyNMS®,
  • Integration of PEP in SkyNMS® logging and event management,
  • SkyNMS® provides easy, quick and intuitive procedures for the dedicated PEP configuration,
  • Definition and configuration of customer defined actions in SkyNMS® in case an event is recognized,
  • SkyNMS® event types (SNMP Traps, Data Collection threshold) and supported action types (Logging, Email notification, Popup Windows).

SkyWAN® 1070 IP/LAN Ports

  • Total of four LAN ports, including three user ports and one dedicated management port. PEP option for one user port.
  • User LAN port modes can be configured for local switching (“full switched mode”) and for independent LAN ports (“fork mode”).

Figure: User IP Interfaces and LAN Ports in Switching Mode

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Figure: SkyWAN® IDU 1070 Ports

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Management Port DHCP/DNS Server

  • Auto-configurable,
  • Checks presence of other DHCP server in redundant IDU 1070,
  • DHCP protocol announces internal SkyWAN® DNS Server,
  • Status retrievable via MIB,
  • DNS Server enabled when the DHCP server is enabled,
  • DNS Server resolves name “skywan“ locally.


Current status

Implementation and Verification of the added functionality has been performed. The project has passed the Final Review.