SkyWAN® Release 7.2

Status date

In the scope of the project SkyWAN® Release 7.2 several new features are provided: extended site redundancy options, added comfort for site installations, Chinese User Interface for SkyNMS, and integration with the SWE-DISH CCT portable user terminal.


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The major benefits of the new SkyWAN® Release 7.2 features are:

  • Further simplification of line-up,
  • Extended redundancy options for operation critical applications. In addition to the SkyWAN® IDUs in the active paths, now also IDUs in the inactive paths are manageable,
  • SkyNMS network management system for Chinese market
  • Cost saving of ODU and satellite capacity,
  • SkyWAN® networks can use the SWE-DISH CCT terminal. From now on, SWE-DISH terminals are available for SkyWAN networks.

The key features and key issues of the project are:

Robust and Easy Line-up

  • The procedure for line-up is further simplified.

New Station Redundancy Concept

  • IDUs in the inactive path is now manageable via satellite by SkyWAN®´s network management system SkyNMS.

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Adaptation of SkyNMS to the Chinese Market

  • A Chinese User Interface of SkyNMS is now provided.

Integration of SkyWAN with the SWE-DISH portable terminal

  • The boards of SkyWAN®´s new IDU 1070 are now integrated into terminals of SWE-DISH, which are utilised at harsh outdoor conditions.

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Current status

The project has successfully finished. The final review took place on October 14th, 2011.