Spectrum strategies for WRC-19 Supporting spectrum strategies for satellite communications

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The project identified agenda items which still need wrap up after WRC-19 such that they result in tangible opportunities for European industry. The project also reviewed all WRC-23 agenda items with regards to the opportunity or threat they present for ARTES industry and the need for ESA support.

The project developed an approach that favours the satellite perspective for all identified agenda items and work items. Finally, the project established an agile framework in which small technical and non-technical tasks can be quickly initiated and executed to support regulatory issues.


Due to travel restrictions, the preparatory discussions for WRC-2023 have been less productive.


The main benefits of this activity are the identification of the agenda items in WRC-2023 which need attention to turn them into industrial opportunities.

The project has supported a number of smaller regulatory tasks (certification issues, filings analysis, spectrum occupancy measurements, market access infromartion) which will results in new activities with ARTES.


The main product of this project is a set of technical notes reporting the results of the Study, and the increased awareness of the importance of spectrum access in order to realise new satellite systems and services.

Current status

The project is entering in the final phase of results dissemination.

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