SSM - Spread Spectrum Demodulator Module

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The main objective of this project is to design and test an ETSI-compliant spread spectrum demodulator module, which can be implemented in the Kongsberg telecommand receiver.


The main challenge in the program is related to development of robust algorithms for spread spectrum acquisition and tracking during extreme Doppler conditions.


The development of a Spread Spectrum Demodulator Module has been an important activity for Kongsberg Space Electronics, and the results will be used as a critical input for the third generation of Command Receivers from KSE, which is currently under development.


In the program signal acquisition and tracking at Doppler conditions corresponding to LEOP up to Ka-band has been demonstrated. 
Extension of bitrates from 4 kbit/s to 16 kbit/s has also been implemented.

System Architecture

The target for the Spread Spectrum Demodulator Module will be an implementation in an FPGA or possibly in an ASIC for utilization within the KSE Command Receiver. The Spread Spectrum Demodulator will perform the demodulation of the incoming RF signal after the initial signal processing steps (i.e. RF down conversion, filtering and level control).


The project plan included the following steps and gates
1.    Requirements Analysis & Definition phase
     - Including FPGA Requirements, Feasibility and Risks
     - This task was concluded with the System Requirements Review for the FPGA
2.    Architectural Design & Algorithms Selection
     - Including Architecture Definition/verification /optimization
     - This task was concluded with the Baseline Design Review
3.    Architecture Verification and Optimization & Preliminary Implementation and HW tests
     - Including Implementation/Verification of SSM code performance in Lab
     - This task was concluded with Preliminary Design Review combined with Test Review

Current status

The work is completed. 

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