Temperature Compensation Techniques for Waveguide Filters, Manifolds and Multiplexers - Tesat

Status date
More and more Ka-Band high power output multiplexer (OMUX) applications are requested on the Satellite market. The existing Ku-Band temperature compensation techniques for high power wave guide filter, manifolds and OMUXes cannot simply be scaled to the Ka-Band dimensions due to the higher sensitivity to the mechanical tolerances and to a temperature range increased by the higher dissipation of Ka-band filters. 
In order to develop compensation techniques, which are adapted to Ka-band filters a detailed investigation and review of existing compensation techniques, as well as the development of more sophisticated and adapted temperature compensation techniques are needed. 
The objective of the project is to develop a temperature compensation technique for both high power OMUXs and manifolds at Ka-band. 
Compensation techniques shall be demonstrated on Ka-band filter (breadboards) and applied to a 3 channel contiguous OMUX (engineering model), with a long compensated manifold.

Key issues are:

  • Optimized temperature compensations for Ka-band high power applications,
  • Optimized high power filters for Ka-band applications.

Expected benefits brought by the project are:

  • Improved performance over temperature for Ka-band OMUXes and filter,
  • Lower losses,
  • Feasibility of Ka-band OMUXes with increased number of channels.
Output multiplexers constitute a basic element in the payload of a 
telecommunication satellite. They connect a multitude of power amplifiers to the transmit antenna.

The project has 2 main phases:

  • Temperature Compensation Ka-Band HP Filter (Trade Off, Development and Verification),
  • Temperature Compensation Ka-Band OMUX (Manifold Temp. Compensation Technologies, Temperature compensated OMUX Ka-Band and Documentation / Identification of Limits and Improvements).
Current status
Development and verification of HP Filter and OMUX completed. Successful Final Review performed.