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TMO - Total Multimission Operations


The global telecommunications satellite operations market has been for over 15 years at the heart of GMV’s strategy for growth, internationalization and diversification.

GMV has a position in this market as a supplier of satellite ground control centres.

Our offer is mainly based on two product lines, hifly®, for real-time satellite monitoring and control, and focusSuite, for flight dynamics operations. These products have positioned GMV as the main European supplier by far and a world class supplier, currently ranked #2 worldwide.

TMO is quite an ambitious project; it aims at bringing GMV to the world leading position in this market.

The goal of the TMO ARTES 3/4 project was very easy to formulate but difficult to achieve: enhance the hifly and focusSuite product aims and bring GMV to the world leading position in this market. For achieving this ambitious goal, the following enhancements to hifly and focusSuite were addressed:

hifly Boeing 702
hifly counts now with support for the Boeing 702 platform at demonstration level. The demonstrator was presented at the 13th Boeing’s Owner and operator Conference held in Beverly Hills, California (USA) from October 24-28 October 2011. This “by-invitation-only” conference put on by Boeing for its Commercial Satellite Customers from around the world takes place every 2 years in southern California. Boeing invites selected Ground Segment Vendors to set-up booths to exhibit their products and expertise, and participate in the conference.

hifly STAR-2
The hifly support for Orbital Star-2 platform developed within the TMO project as been the cornerstone for its operational deployment in various programmes, one of which has been recently accepted by the customer (an international commercial satellite operator) at their premises.

hifly advanced HMI
The hifly HMI has been fully decoupled between service providers and pure presentation components and the latter has been rewritten using Java RCP technology.

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hifly anywhere
hifly now features access to all its functionality—exported by the service providers mentioned in the hifly advanced HMI above—using web services. In addition, a web application has been developed that allows accessing hifly monitoring functions: telemetry monitoring, out of limits display and events logger.

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hifly monitoring interface with ground segment M&C commercial systems
hifly is able to interface with various M&C commercial systems, including Mon-A-Co from SED Systems and SCOMS from Thales Alenia Space.

hifly inter/intra-site alignment
A plethora of existing hifly mechanisms for inter- and intra-site have been updated, rationalized and documented. In addition, a new component for datasets alignment has been developed.

hifly XTCE format database ingestion
hifly is now able to ingest spacecraft databases written in the XTCE (XML Telemetric and Command Exchange) format (see for telemetry parameter definitions..

focus turn-around ranging
Support to turnaround ranging has been added to all focusSuite orbit determination functions.

focus sequential orbit determination
A new real-time sequential orbit determination module has been added to focusSuite; hifly is now able to trigger the execution of that new module upon new ranging measurements being available.

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focus advanced HMI
The full focusSuite HMI has been rewritten using Java RCP technology.


TMO is an extremely important project for GMV as it addresses some of the missing elements of our satellite control centres product lines, namely support for two commercially interesting American telecommunication satellite platforms.

In addition TMO allows tackling the required reengineering activities necessary for any software product to evolve with the technological and operational trends such as enhanced HMI usability and web access.


TMO is an essential element in GMV’s strategy to become the worldwide leading supplier of satellite control centres for telecommunication satellite operators.

The outcome of TMO is an enhanced hifly® product able to support two of the most demanded platforms on the market, OSC STAR-2 and Boeing 702. On top of this, hifly® and focusSuite will be reengineered to in-corporate new technology and advanced features to increase their competitiveness in the market.


The changes affect many modules of two complex systems as hifly and focusGEO.

One of the most significant and visible changes that affect both products is the implementation of an advanced human mahine interface (HMI) based on Java RCP technology replacing the old technology currently used in hifly and focusGEO (ILog Views nad Tcl/Tk, respectively).


For the development of the TMO project no subcontractors are required. All the activities within the project will be carried out by GMV engineers.

The project schedule extends over twelve and a half months, from the project Kick off in March 2010 to the Final Presentation in March 2012.

Current status

The project has been successfully completed. The ambitious goal of the TMO project, to enhance the hifly and focusGEO product aims for bringing GMV to the world leading position in this market, has been achieved with flying colors: GMV is now the number one worldwide independent GCS supplier to commercial telecom operators. Around half of all launched commercial telecom satellites are nowadays based on GMV technology to support GCS operations.

Status date

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 16:07