VIPS Validation Improvement of complex Payloads and associated Systems and networks

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The objective of this activity was to revisit the full validation approach of communications payloads, associated satellite system and networks for large multibeam missions (approaching 200 to 300 beams), with due to consideration to technical and economic aspects.

The approach has considered
- The definition of reference scenarios to allow the further assessment of the proposed methods versus existing ones,
- Review of existing methods and associated economic costs
- Identification of methods for improvements
- Review of economic benefits that could be expected
- Identification of the needs for specific developments
- Definition of a roadmap,
- Market demand and forecast analysis


The study has enlighten some improvements for

-       Communication module mechanical integration

-       Communication module RF tests phases

-       Satellite TVAC profile

-       Radiated FFT/CATR optimisation

-       In orbit test phase

-       Virtual network


The results of this study will allow testing multibeam satellite with 200 or 300 beams within reasonable complexity and taking into consideration timing and economic constraints through new validation approach of payload, satellite systems and associated networks.


The basic idea of the proposed improvements is, after an analysis of the main time/cost consuming phases, to review which kind of new method or validation approach could be applied for those phases for each scenario.


Project Plan has been composed of five major tasks:

-       Definitions of the reference scenarios and metrics

-       Review of existing methods for validation of sitcom systems

-       Methods for improvements in the validation of sitcom systems

-       Techno-economic analysis of validation methods

-       Specific developments, roadmap, analysis and forecast

Current status

The Project is completed.

Final Review was held on 1st December 2015.

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