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Below is a list of all running or recently completed projects. Find out about projects funded by ESA through contracts awarded to previous ITTs.

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    Status date: Dec

    The 21Net system enables Internet services on board high-speed trains. The system uses several communication technologies to access the internet: cellular, WiFi and satellite.

    Prime Contractor


  • Broadband to Trains

    Status date: Nov

    In this project 21Net designed, built and trialled a Wi-Fi access system connected to an interactive satellite terminal for use on trains with the capability to support broadband internet and intranet access as well as local multimedia content such as short films, up-to-the minute news, etc. The initial target market is high-speed trains in Western Europe where journey times allow for its use. The 21Net system addresses the needs of train passengers, especially business passengers, and allows them to access the internet, their email and corporate VPNs.

    Prime Contractor