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Showing tenders for Optical Communications - ScyLight

  • QPSA

    Status date: Jan

    Quantum encryption based on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is an alternative to classical cryptography. It aims to solve the problem of key exchange by the use of physics and thus offers the potential of ensuring “unconditional secure” key exchange. Every attempt to eavesdrop on the key-exchange causes errors in the QKD protocol alerting the communicating parties of the attack.


  • OT4NGsat

    Status date: Nov

    Availability of broadband internet access has become a significant challenge in the development of the society and industry. Cloud services, big-data applications and global logistic businesses require secure, reliable, and fast internet coverage around the globe. Satellite communications can offer global coverage. Optical technologies are expected to play a major role for enabling the next generation of communication satellites.

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