European Space Agency

SatNEx IV Satellite Network of Experts IV


SatNEx IV is a project framework to scout emerging areas of research with three main objectives: 

  • Early identification, exploration and scientific assessment of promising new R&D avenues, mainly related to  satellite telecommunications systems, networks and protocols for possible technical follow-up in ESA’s R&D programs;
  • Detection and preliminary assessment of promising terrestrial telecommunication technologies spin-in into space telecom applications;
  • Fostering cooperation among the European/Canadian industry and the research institutions on telecommunications research topics of common interest.

SatNEx IV consists of two parts or Call off Orders (CoO).


The following Work Items are already completed:

Year 1:

  • WI1.1: Next Generation Satellite Trunking
  • WI1.2: Advanced Signal Processing techniques for fixed and mobile satellite communications
  • WI 1.3: Not Initiated
  • WI1.4: Network Coding Applications in Satellite Communication Networks
  • WI1.5: Impact of future ICN traffic on multiple access schemes

Year 2:

  • WI2.1: Multi-homed network architectures for flying ad-hoc networks (FANETs) and nano-satellite swarms
  • WI2.2: Physical layer security
  • WI2.3: Ultra low-power machine-to-machine communications via satellite links
  • WI2.4: Enhanced caching techniques for satellite networks
  • WI2.5: Precoding in Mobile Interactive Satellite Systems
  • WI2.6: Aeronautical and professional link designs for satellite systems at extremely high frequency bands
  • WI2.7: Air interface development for LEO constellation

Year 3:

  • WI3.1: 5G Access Solutions Assessment for Satellite Scenarios
  • WI3.2: Distributed Satellite Ground Stations and Virtualized Gateways: Challenges and Opportunities
  • WI3.3: Non-Orthogonal Superposition Techniques for Multi-Beam Satellite Networks
  • WI3.4: Forward Packet Scheduling Strategies for Emerging Satellite Broadband Networks
  • WI3.5: Alternative security schemes for integrated satellite terrestrial networks


Current status

Activities for Year 4 are currently in preparation to address the following Work Items (starting 2019):

Year 4:

  • WI4.1: Ultra-low power density uni/bi-directional IoT satellite communications with enhanced PHY Layer Security
  • WI4.2: NOMA Techniques for Satellite 
  • WI4.3: Large-Scale Deep-Learning for Satellite Systems Optimisation
  • WI4.4: Innovative Networking Solutions for SatCom in 5G and beyond
  • WI 4.5: Large Scale Multi-Antennas over Satellite

Status date

Monday, January 21, 2019 - 14:21