Partnership Projects

ESA’s Partnership Projects provide the satellite communication industry with the right environment to introduce innovative space-based solutions systems into the commercial market. 

ESA has implemented several Partnership Projects through its ARTES programme including Alphasat, SmallGEO, Hylas-1 and EDRS.

These demonstrate the unique results of Partnership Projects in federating European industry around large-scale programmes and developing innovative cutting-edge solutions in partnership with private or public operators.

ESA Partnership Projects generate great benefits for industry and Member States by fostering the competitiveness of the satcom industry in Europe and Canada, and creating new value-added solutions and opportunities that would otherwise not be available.

Moreover, Partnership Projects enable greater risk sharing where ESA bears the risks related to the development of innovative solutions and the operators assume the commercial risks in answer to market needs. Without this partnership approach, many projects would not have emerged because they would have been perceived as being too technically or commercially risky.

ESA’s involvement ensures high quality and performance; supporting primes and subcontractors while offering a tailored and efficient approach based on commercial best practices.

Partnership Projects generate strong socio-economic benefits for European countries. All ESA stakeholders report substantial benefits on most critical economic, technologic and strategic factors. Partnerships projects also enable greater risk sharing and positive trade-offs between the technological development and the commercial constraints of the missions. The recent socio-economic study conducted by highly esteemed Euroconsult have shown that every euro spent by ESA Member States in Partnership Projects returns 15 euros of benefits.

Satellite Partnership Projects at a Glance

For more information, please download the SEI presentation.

ESA is offering an opportunity for private parties within ESA’s Member States and Canada to propose potential Partnership Projects.

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