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Core Competitiveness


ESA's ARTES Core Competitiveness programme helps European and Canadian industry to develop innovative satcom products, services, systems and partnerships.

It provides support throughout the technology development process; from the initial idea to a fully-fledged product, system or service.

The programme provides the funding, multi-disciplinary expertise, business knowledge, opportunities for small and medium enterprises and for international consortia, and contacts needed to turn the concept into reality.

ARTES Core Competitiveness combines two previously independent ARTES elements: ARTES Competitiveness & Growth (industry initiative) and ARTES Advanced Technology (ESA initiative).

News and Events

News and Events

  • WSH

    This project demonstrates the feasibility of a fully software-defined satellite gateway/teleport implementation scalable to support handling of 5 GHz instantaneous RF bandwidth based on cloud technology and generic processing hardware. The DVB-S2/S2X/DVB-RCS2 modulation and demodulation is performed by processing of digitized I&Q samples on...


    QuadSAT’s project offers the satcom industry a dynamic new way to test antennas, by utilizing advanced drone and radio frequency technology. The system is an effective tool to help adhere to emerging SOMAP regulations, and provides a faster, cheaper, and easier alternative to traditional testing facilities.

  • Reflect Array for Medium Size Apertures

    The product developed in this project is reflectarray antennas that aims to provide RF performance comparable to conventional shaped reflectors for contoured beam applications or multi-aperture reflector farms for multiple beam applications, while offering advantages in terms of cost, accommodation, versatility, and ability to define the coverage...