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'Extraordinary efficiencies’ with next-generation space solar cell

Telecommunication satellites are demanding ever-increasing power for new technologies. This makes ever-more efficient and lightweight solar generators a must for full electric propulsion satellite platforms.  AZUR SPACE,...

A giant step towards satellite interference mitigation with SkyMON

Data-hungry media, like HDTV and mobile services, have made the use of satellites and their broadcasting capabilities crucial for global communications. But in order to offer these services there is a growing number of satellites...

Eurostar Neo Deployment and Pointing System Achieves Qualification

The Eurostar Neo Deployment and Pointing System, developed by Airbus Defense and Space (F) and Euro Heat Pipes (B) in the frame of ESA’s Neosat Partnership Project, is qualified and ready for flight.

Qualification of new family of hybrid solar arrays

Under ESA’s Competitiveness & Growth programme, Airbus (Ottobrunn, D) is qualifying a new family of hybrid solar arrays that is capable to deliver approximately ≈ 50% more power in the same volume and with the same weight as...

  • CASTeC

    The project aims at reaching validation of CASTeC, a tool for advanced telemetry checking for satellites constellations, in an operational scenario (TRL 8). CASTeC provides early identification of anomalies in the behaviour of satellites relative to a contextualised standard, enabling fault isolation and mitigation strategies definition. It may also support the identification of critical operative conditions affecting service performance.

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