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How space helps seriously ill patients in air ambulances

Medical emergencies are set to be better managed thanks to air ambulances being equipped with space-enabled technology.

First Spacebus Neo satellite ready to be shipped to launch site

Konnect, the first Spacebus Neo satellite built by Thales Alenia Space as prime contractor on behalf of operator Eutelsat, has completed its tests and is ready to be shipped to its launch site in French Guiana.

Active antenna ready to ship for integration on Quantum satellite

The antenna that will enable the full reconfiguration in orbit of a commercial telecommunications satellite is about to be integrated onto Quantum, a satellite which will change the way that satellite communication is performed.

Centralised power supply solution now on the market, thanks to ESA’s...

Within ESA’s Eurostar Neo Partnership Project, RUAG Space (Sweden) has developed and qualified an RF Centralized Power Supply Unit (RFCPSU), in order to supply a high number of RF equipment like LNA’s and Converters with power,...

  • TOmCAT

    To overcome data rate limitations of RF communication links with satellites, the TOmCAT consortium led by TNO envisions terabit class optical communication feeder links for next generation very high throughput satellites. TOmCAT is a project which develops all key technologies to enable Ground Terminals for Terabit/s Optical Feeder Links.

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