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First Spacebus Neo satellite launched

Ariane 5’s first launch of 2020 has delivered two telecom satellites, Konnect and GSAT-30, into their planned transfer orbits. Arianespace announced liftoff at 21:05 GMT (22:05 CET, 18:05 local time) this evening from Europe’s...

Plant-powered sensor sends signal to space

A device that uses electricity generated by plants as its power source has communicated via satellite – a world first. Such sensors could be used to connect everyday objects in remote locations, enabling them to send and...

First Spacebus Neo satellite set for launch

The first satellite developed under an initiative to help European industry deliver competitive satellites for the commercial telecommunications market has entered its final phase before launch.

LEROS 10 reaction control thruster is qualified

The high-performance and low-cost LEROS 10 thruster, developed by Nammo Westcott Ltd in the frame of ESA’s Neosat Partnership Project, has recently completed its comprehensive qualification programme and is ready to perform its...

  • 5G4Space

    This activity develops the necessary adaptations of 3GPP terrestrial radio access technologies with potential use in satellite communications. Examples of such technologies are modulations, forward error correction coding techniques, multiple access schemes and interference management techniques. The development of a combined hardware/software verification platform allows assessing their performance in a set of satellite related scenarios.

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