Space Systems for Safety and Security (4S)

Security in space and on Earth are inextricably linked. The deployment of advanced satellite systems is crucial for resilient and secure connectivity on Earth. 

ESA`s ARTES 4.0 strategic programme line 'Space Systems for Safety & Security' works on innovative and secure satellite communication systems, and their integration into public and private terrestrial networks to enhance safety, resilience and security within society. We launch, conduct and co-finance services, systems, technologies and product development for safety and security systems. 

We work with user communities, institutions and industries to translate space assets into resilient and secure applications on the ground, for land, sea and air, for transport, energy, water and environmental surveillance, for civil protection, border control and cyber security. To ensure continued independent access to space solutions, 4S widens the options for autonomous and sovereign hardware and software. Space for Safety & Security: we bolster Europe and Canada’s leadership of safer societies. 


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