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Future Preparation is the strategy element of ESA’s Telecommunications programme. It’s primary purpose is to identify and study new Satellite Communication system concepts and architectures in order to identify new market opportunities for industry; define future technology development needs; ensure future access to frequency spectrum; develop new industry standards; and build new ARTES programmatic activity.

Future Preparation activities are performed for the benefit of all actors from the whole of the Satcom value-chain within the ARTES Participating States, with the results of studies and investigations freely available to all.

News and Events

News and Events

  • Preparations for the World radio Conference 2019

    This activity supported ESA Telecommunications in the identification of opportunities and threats for satellite communications related to the Agenda Items of the World Radio Conference 2019 (WRC-19). A number of topics have been followed in more detail – such as the increasing spectrum requests from the mobile operator community. Positions have...

  • CBA Satcom4ATM

    The project aims at understanding how satellite technologies may affect the Communication, Navigation and Surveillance services for Air Traffic Management in the long-term. In particular, how they will interact with new challenges and what business cases may be generated through these technologies. For a set of promising cases, it develops a Cost-...

  • Qritical

    With upcoming technologies, new type of security threats will appear which require consideration now to develop the protection measures in time. Qritical identifies relevant use cases for the protection of European Critical infrastructure using space-based optical communication, specifically space-based quantum key distribution, and develops a...


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