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Future Preparation is the strategy element of ESA’s Telecommunications programme. It’s primary purpose is to identify and study new Satellite Communication system concepts and architectures in order to identify new market opportunities for industry; define future technology development needs; ensure future access to frequency spectrum; develop new industry standards; and build new ARTES programmatic activity.

Future Preparation activities are performed for the benefit of all actors from the whole of the Satcom value-chain within the ARTES Participating States, with the results of studies and investigations freely available to all.

News and Events

News and Events


    The purpose of the project is to perform a study on the Integration of Satellite Backhauled HAPS in Future SATCOM Networks. The project starts with a case selection and scenario definition, followed by a suitability analysis, identification of necessary adaptations on 5G and development and validation of the adaptations. The project ends with the...


    The study aims at identifying and analysing the opportunities that in-orbit servicing, assembly, and manufacture may bring to the satcom sector from a technical and business perspective - excluding active debris removal. Good innovation and development roadmaps are mandatory outcomes but they must be linked to credible business cases where total...

  • Highly Distributed Small Gateway for VHTS...

    The output of this system study is to determine the feasibility and limits of employing a large population of highly distributed small sized gateways to support future VHTS systems.


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