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Future Preparation

Future Preparation is the strategy element of ESA’s Telecommunications programme. It’s primary purpose is to identify and study new Satellite Communication system concepts and architectures in order to identify new market opportunities for industry; define future technology development needs; ensure future access to frequency spectrum; develop new industry standards; and build new ARTES programmatic activity.

Future Preparation activities are performed for the benefit of all actors from the whole of the Satcom value-chain within the ARTES Participating States, with the results of studies and investigations freely available to all.

News and Events

News and Events

  • ESA VS-GEO Study

    Recent developments by telecommunication satellite manufacturers have stimulated interest in carrying small payloads to GEO. Additionally, growth of very small telecommunication satellites in LEO has helped to improve the performance/resilience of very small satellites. This study has explored the feasibility of implementing GEO microsatellites...

  • Collaborative and Dynamic Approaches to...

    The project studies applications of dynamic spectrum management techniques to Satellite communications, with the goal of quantifying the potential improvement in spectrum utilization that can be achieved by applying collaborative and dynamic spectrum allocation techniques.

  • Assessment of QUIC over Satellite Links

    QUIC is a new encrypted-by-default Internet transport protocol that accelerates HTTP traffic and which has the intention to eventually replace TCP. The project objectives are to identify the root causes of any shortfalls in QUIC performance over satellite, influence and propose changes to the specification, and evaluate them using a real-time...


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