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Future Preparation


The ARTES Future Preparation element focuses on defining market opportunities; regulatory barriers; standards; future frequency spectrum needs; as well as economic and business issues relating to the development of future satellite telecommunications concepts and technologies to assist European and Canadian industry in the development of innovative telecommunication services.

News and Events

News and Events

  • SSPA with European GaN Devices

    L-band and Ku-band HPA modules using GaN Technology from UMS (GH50 and GH25) and novel thermal management solutions have been developed. With a CW signal, at hot temperature (85°C) and in the useful frequency bandwidth of [1,518 – 1,559 GHz], the L-band HPA module delivers an output power of 48W with an associated PAE of 60%. With a CW signal,...

  • Satcom 100 kW

    Space industry is based increasingly on full electric propulsion systems, and there is a European need to anticipate future missions. 2018 full electric propulsion Telecom satellites have a relatively low thrust and need several months (6 to 9) to rise from GTO to GEO, which is their main drawback. To reduce this delay between launch and...

  • Techno-Economic Impact on 5G Standards on...

    The project examines the impacts and opportunities of 5G for the satellite industry, as a technology building block to be integrated within 5G that can complement terrestrial technologies, as an enabler for innovative satellite-based solutions and as a lever to capture new markets.


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