The Car of the Future: Connected from Space

The Car of the Future: Connected from Space 

Connectivity is at the heart of the Telecommunications and Integrated Applications directorate of the European Space Agency. Together with key partners in the automotive industry we aim to coordinate, shape and support innovation to drive the future of space-based smart vehicle solutions. We invite you to learn more.

Connected Cars – A Major Opportunity for Europe

For the Automotive Industry
Connected cars provide a unique customer experience while simultaneously delivering on eco-friendly CO2 emission targets, plus cost and revenue benefits to mobility companies including OEMs, suppliers, dealers, insurers, fleets, tech players, and beyond.

For Space Technologies
Space-based connectivity is the key to digital transformation of the automotive industry, where efficiency, emission reduction, navigation, predictive maintenance, and many other applications will benefit vehicle manufacturers and customers to create a safer, more pleasurable, environmentally friendly driving experience for all.

Partnering & Collaboration Opportunities
ESA can contribute and support industry with deep technical expertise and interfaces to the space ecosystem, market intelligence and competitive landscape analysis, product development and deployment, as well as many other partnering advantages. ESA provides funding support, and all rights are freely granted to our industry partners.

Here's Johannes Springer, Director General, Lead 5G Automotive Program, on the need for an integrated approach for Europe:


Read our Automotive White Paper
The Telecommunications and Integrated Applications directorate of the European Space Agency is currently creating a White Paper on Connected Cars for Europe. Here, the automotive industry can get an insight into the current state-of-the-art satellite telecommunications technology in the connectivity mix, and gain perspectives for the future. In addition, the space industry, connectivity providers and integrators, plus ground segment manufacturers interested in serving the automotive vertical may use it as a starting point to engage with ESA and other stakeholders on the topic. The Automotive White Paper Summary is ready for download below, and all are welcome to pre-register for the White Paper.

ESA Automotive White Paper Request

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