• Space-enabled 5G links Japan and Europe

    Engineers have connected Japan and Europe via space-enabled next-generation 5G telecommunication links. It is the first time that such an intercontinental connection has been established between Europe and Japan.

  • ESA industry day celebrates UK innovation

    British companies are using satellite-enabled connectivity to accelerate the digital transformation of the European economy – as highlighted at an industry showcase held in the UK.

  • 5G end-to-end link first at ESA 5G hub

    A demonstration at the ESA/ECSAT facilities in Harwell today achieved the first 5G full end-to-end link through a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation.

  • Space-enabled 5G to help reach remote and dangerous places

    Engineers have used converged satellite and terrestrial networks to communicate with a nimble four-legged robot designed to explore environments that are too risky for people to access.

  • ESA boosts the satellite-enabled 5G media market

    Film fans, gamers and future metaverse users will be able to experience high-quality videos, games and extended reality environments live and uninterrupted from anywhere, as satellites link up with terrestrial-based next-generation 5G and 6G conne

  • easyJet signs up for space-enabled digital skies

    Passengers on board commercial airline easyJet will speed to their destinations faster and greener, thanks to an ESA-backed initiative to digitalise the skies.