• eScan

    This project aims to develop an electronic scanning multibeam antenna ground station combining gateway and TT&C services in Ka band for LEO and MEO satellite megaconstellations.


    Based on HPS/INVENT CFRP technologies a 2.4 m Q/V band reflector with highest accuracy was designed, manufactured and tested. The design concept proved to be applicable for multi-beam telecom application. With a frequency band of 37.5 GHz to 51.4 GHz this is the next step for a Terabit satellite to provide high-speed internet.

  • Multi-beam Antenna Feed Networks for application from L to C band

    This study examines various technical solutions and associated technologies for design compact feed network from L-band to C-band and validates the most promising by manufacturing and testing a representative EM of critical parts of the network. Activities were focused on the feed network to have a significant number of beams while maintaining acceptable mass and dimensions of the feed network.

  • Delta Development and qualification of PCU-EU

    Delta Development and qualification of PCU derived from latest PCU generation to address Chinese market demand

  • SatcomWeather 2

    The goal of the project is to generate additional inputs for optimization of assets in satellite communication based on available recorded signal quality data from VSAT networks. This business intelligence data is used for daily work in payload operations as well as for optimizing the business case by leveraging cost reduction opportunities in orbit and on ground.