The objective of this activity is to develop a DVB-S2X test-bed of adaptive bit rate IP based video delivery for up to 8K services quality high frame rate, using the new Versatile Video Codec (VVC) H.266. Targeted Improvements: The use of VVC can reduce the bandwidth needed up to 50%. This bandwidth reduction can be an enabler for 8K, leveraging the growing installed base of 8K displays and the existing satellite video broadcasting infrastructures. Description: To maintain an optimal Quality of Experience (QoE), 8K HEVC encoding typically requires over 50 Mbit/s which is prohibitive in many transmission scenarios. A complete 36 MHz satellite transponder can host a single 8K channel. In terrestrial TV, the bandwidth available is even lower. 8K can be delivered at a maximum of 32 Mbit/s with HEVC. Moreover, processing efficiency and implementation readiness is important to commercial viability, especially for live-linear video. A growing number of end-users own an 8K capable TV, offering full 8K resolution and being equipped with the necessary receive interfaces. Although 8K content supply is currently limited, producers are already moving towards native 8K video production. However, 8K video has 4 times more pixels than 4K video, thus making it more challenging to compress. Today's equipment needs amore efficient compression method to cope efficiently with the 4 times larger video data rate and a video delivery concept is needed to distribute video content of different quality up to 8K to different receivers.This activity will develop a DVB-S2X implementation of an adaptive bit rate IP based video delivery for up to 8K services utilising VVC H.266. A test-bed will be developed emulating a live satellite transmission of sport events with high frame rate. It will include video quality evaluations, subjective and withautomated metrics (e.g. PSNR, VMAF), for both Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Content Aware Encoding (CAE) modes of VVC. Lastly, the required operating conditions for DVB-S2X to support 8K video will be reviewed.

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