ESA Technical Assets

The following assets are available to be used by industry during an ARTES activity. These assets may be used either on the ESA premises or loaned out to be used off-site. These assets are offered on a first come first served basis and assets used off-site are subject to a loan agreement. A sample agreement is provided below.

  1. DVB-RCS Mesh Hub,
  2. DVB-RCS Gateway (Star),
  3. Fly-away VSAT Terminals (DVB-RCS Ku-band and C-Band),
  4. Multimedia Platform (video conference, portal and video stream),
  5. Channel Emulators (x4),
  6. Network Emulator AINE (Layer 2 and 3),
  7. Traffic generator (Spirent),
  8. DVB-S2 Experiment Test Bed (DVB-S2 Professional Profile),
  9. High Speed Modem Test Bed and Wide Band Channel Simulator (700MHz),
  10. DVB-S/S2 modulators and demodulators, frequency converters, noise sources.

Loan Agreement Template 2012

Template Loan Agreement 2012 determining the terms and conditions for loaning equipment from ESA.

Loan Agreement Template 2012


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