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News and Events

  • GPV (Gas Passivation Valve)

    In the frame of space debris mitigation, ESA has implemented new requirements and recommendations, which state that satellite propulsion systems shall be passivated at end of life. The main objective of the project is to develop a Gas Passivation Valve (GPV) to meet applicable passivation requirements related to the existing European Geostationary...


    The future generation of communication satellites will use multi-beam antennas providing wide-band two-ways communication applications. Active discrete lens antennas permit generating a multibeam coverage adopting only a single Tx/Rx aperture or two separated Tx and Rx apertures instead of the current solutions based on multi-reflector systems....


    CAN bus has been used in automotive and industrial applications for years in complex systems that require demanding command and control performance. In space systems, the benefits of CAN bus have also been recognized: reducing the number of wires and weight along with lower power consumption and easier testability will result in major cost savings...


    Radiall has developed and qualified a new serie of TNC connectors under ARTES 5.1 and 3 contract. Radiall has qualified a complete range of TNC Very High Power connectors. 14 variants have been created and qualified, and three new ESCC detail specifications have been created.

  • SHINE (Secure Hybrid In Network caching...

    An end-to-end secure infrastructure for the delivery of collaborative multimedia services over integrated satellite-terrestrial networks

  • MTN-CCN2

    In the main study "Characterization of the Mobile Tracking Needs // ESA AO/1-6669/10/NL/NR" a measurement database was designed, developed and published. The database provides statistics of motion dynamics for mobile satellite terminals. The database (with access to industry residing within ESA member states) supports the design and...



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