Advanced Technology

ARTES Advanced Technology is dedicated to long term technological development of the satcom industry based on ESA's initiative. This element focuses on research and development of new technologies and techniques in telecom satellites, ground and user equipment for future or evolving satcom systems.

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News and Events

News and Events

  • W-Cube

    The activity includes the design and development of the W-band beacon together with the propagation receivers and the manufacturing of the Cubesat platform that will host the beacon. The objectives are the undertaking of atmospheric channel propagation measurements of the signal from this beacon and the analysis and delivery the processed...

  • EPC HT

    The objective was to design, manufacture and test a high voltage power module breadboard within electronic power conditioners to enable operations at higher temperatures. An evaluation was performed on critical identified components specifically on Silicon Carbide High Voltage Diodes and High Voltage Capacitors. In the frame of this project, TAS-B...

  • SIMO – (Sige Iq MOdulator)

    SIMO (Sige broadband Iq MOdulator) is a MMIC allowing direct conversion from baseband to an ultra-wide RF frequency (L band to Ka Band) enabling a new generation of compact, lightweight, and power efficient portable terminals.


    VIBeS project addresses the design, prototyping and validation of Virtual PEP-agents to support the satellite-terrestrial convergence in upcoming 5G scenarios. The proposed approach leverages NFV technology, considering state-of-the-art of web protocols. To assess the proposed solutions, a highly configurable Proof-of-Concept testbed will be...


    The project’s outcomes deals with the design, implementation and validation of a satellite gateway able to receive and manage the traffic transmitted by a large population of terminals asynchronously transmitting short messages with low duty cycle via a satellite communication channel.


    Development of a miniaturized space radiation monitor based on the hybrid active pixel detector technology.


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