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  • Broadband Linearisers (BLIN)

    As the key nonlinear building block of a linearized channel amplifier (LCAMP) the linearizer must compensate a broad variety of TWT nonlinearities. A set of new RF equalizer MMICs provides a greater tuning flexibility by electronic means, thus making hardware modifications obsolete.


    Broadband satellite systems are at a unique position for providing telecommunication infrastructure in security critical situations for effectively dealing with emergency and disaster management, and rescue and relief operations. Disasters are unpredictable in space and time and often take place in areas with non-existing, partially damaged or...


    The project demonstrates that the DVB-S2X standard can be a common technology enabler for land-mobile, aeronautical, and maritime satellite services, in addition to the fixed VSAT. The reference design implements novel features such as super-frame format #3, a robust synchronization chain, signal predistortion, and a convolutional interleaver. The...


    This project investigates the possibility of providing a generic mixer system that is capable of offering a versatile downconverter for a front end system. This in the sense that a multitude of frequency bands can be dealt with using just one component. It comes in contrast to the use of a dedicated/custom system for each one of the bands.


    Identification and verification of an advanced manufacturing technique capable of processing a propellant-compatible material for the production of space grade bellows.

  • Independent Tracking Dual Beam (ITDB) Antenna

    The objective of this project was the design and breadboarding of a single ground station terminal antenna able to track two simultaneous satellites in MEO orbit allowing the handover process.


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