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ARTES Advanced Technology is dedicated to long term technological development of the satcom industry based on ESA's initiative. This element focuses on research and development of new technologies and techniques in telecom satellites, ground and user equipment for future or evolving satcom systems.

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News and Events

News and Events

  • Array Fed Reflector Antenna (FAFR)

    An array fed reflector antenna, based on a passive multi-feed-per-beam architecture, enables the generation of shaped beams of different size, matching the particular shape of the areas they are designed to cover, thus improving the usable capacity of the overall system. A very complex BFN is built as a single part exploiting additive...

  • 5G4Space

    This activity develops the necessary adaptations of 3GPP terrestrial radio access technologies with potential use in satellite communications. Examples of such technologies are modulations, forward error correction coding techniques, multiple access schemes and interference management techniques. The development of a combined hardware/software...

  • IFM Micro 100

    The proposed activities are to develop the IFM Micro 100, a 100W class electric propulsion thruster based on FEEP technology. It is an externally mounted thruster intended for orbit raising and station keeping of Small-Satellites. Within the project the performance of the thruster will be optimized and the manufacturing line to prepare the IFM...


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