Advanced Technology

ARTES Advanced Technology is dedicated to long term technological development of the satcom industry based on ESA's initiative. This element focuses on research and development of new technologies and techniques in telecom satellites, ground and user equipment for future or evolving satcom systems.

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News and Events

News and Events

  • CCD5

    To design and validate a joint BLoS (Beyond-Line-of-Sight) and LoS (Line-of-Sight) air interface for the command and control of UAVs in the 5030‐5091 MHz band, implement a UAV terminal prototype and to present a waveform design for standardization in the relevant bodies.

  • MIGNON- MIcro-achined Filters in Multi-layer...

    The objective of the MIGNON project is to develop and evaluate Ka-band surface mountable miniaturized cavity filters realized in multilayer micro-machined technolog

  • E2UT

    The objective of this project is to design and demonstrate solutions for compact and energy efficient Machine-to-Machine (M2M) user terminals for direct, massive uncoordinated access via satellite. A novel access scheme will be developed for optimizing energy management at physical and access layer, looking at a global access network and...

  • Damped Ultra-light Deployment Mechanism (DUDM)

    The Damped Ultra-light Deployment Mechanism - a hinge consisting out of elastic collapsible CFRP blades and a damping device- is developed to deploy a wide range of structures, smoothly with a minimal end shock based on a Shape Memory Alloy spring. The ultra-lightweight design combined with high stiffness, thermal stability and low power...

  • Multi-beam Antenna Feed Networks for application...

    This study examines various technical solutions and associated technologies for design compact feed network from L-band to C-band and validates the most promising by manufacturing and testing a representative EM of critical parts of the network. Activities were focused on the feed network to have a significant number of beams while maintaining...


    Based on HPS/INVENT CFRP technologies a 2.4 m Q/V band reflector with highest accuracy was designed, manufactured and tested. The design concept proved to be applicable for multi-beam telecom application. With a frequency band of 37.5 GHz to 51.4 GHz this is the next step for a Terabit satellite to provide high-speed internet.


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