Competitiveness & Growth

The ARTES Competitiveness & Growth element is dedicated to the development, qualification, and demonstration of products such as a piece of equipment, either of the platform or payload of a satellite, a user terminal or a full telecom system integrating a network with its respective space segment.

News and Events

News and Events

  • Ka-Band full TC OMUX

    THALES ALENIA SPACE IN FRANCE is looking for solutions to improve its competitiveness in terms of Ka-band equipments, payloads and satellites. As far as Ka-band output filtering is concerned, use of Temperature Compensated OMUX is foreseen. This technology leads to an improvement of the input power limitation, footprint, useful bandwidth and...

  • Q/V Band Antenna Technology

    Two Q/V band antennas (6m and 10m) using advanced composite reflector technology are developed and tested using a broadband satellite payload.

  • Generic Telco P/L EGSE

    The Generic Telco P/L EGSE is a high-performance multi-threaded client-server test-platform and environment to quickly customize or create measurements according to new requirements. Its pre-defined building blocks for measurements, telemetry packets, device drivers and PUS and EDEN interface support further rapid integration. It provides a set of...

  • NEA

    RUAG Space AB have developed and qualified horn assemblies for global Ku-Band coverage TTC, Ka-Band IOT payload Rx/Tx and Beacon. The RUAG GNSS antenna design has within the scope of work evolved to withstand harsher random environment. All antennas are well adapted for new platforms such as NEOSAT.

  • Agile Command Receiver

    The Rx2 unit is the second-generation command receiver designed and manufactured at Kongsberg Norspace. The command receiver is to be used for spacecraft telemetry, tracking and commands (TT&C). The Unit design is in-orbit programmable up to 750MHz bandwidth, and prepared for receiving commands and ranging signals at C-band, Ku-band or Ka-band.


    LOCOMO project is envisaged to design and develop a low cost and compact Ka-band mobile satcom terminal, which provides broadband on-the-move communications to emergency, governmental and security networks.


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