Competitiveness & Growth

The ARTES Competitiveness & Growth element is dedicated to the development, qualification, and demonstration of products such as a piece of equipment, either of the platform or payload of a satellite, a user terminal or a full telecom system integrating a network with its respective space segment.

News and Events

News and Events


    Pilot Photonics has developed the world’s smallest and most versatile optical comb source based on photonic integration. Through PICSAL, its broad applicability to space applications including inter-satellite communication, fiber optic sensing, frequency generation, and frequency metrology is explored.


    The SITKA project covers the development of a highly integrated, low power, low cost, RF transceiver ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) targeted at VSAT satellite system ground terminals. The ASIC is a critical component for two way communications equipment which supports DTH (direct to home) interactive services, broadband...


    Improvements of SPACEBUS 4000C family enable Thales Alenia Space to propose their customers more competitive solutions for payloads up to 14 kW & 1 ton mass, as well as electrical propulsion to enable such increased payload capacity.

  • L-XTA – Large Xenon Tank Assembly

    The “Large Xenon Tank Assembly” (L-XTA) is high-performance, cost-competitive COPV for storage of Xenon for hybrid or full-electric satellite propulsion systems. To cover the volume range of 300-900 l, two dedicated “tank families” were established, each with a common diameter. Tank qualification is currently in progress and introduction to the...

  • KaUF

    A Ka band feed chain, especially designed for user applications is developed. Dimensions and mass shall be minimised to enable an increased number of feed chains per satellite in order to realise higher data rates.


    The JAMES CCN3 project goal is the development of a RF test set-up using optical fibres as links between RF test bench and telecommunication payloads in AIT. The first phase was dedicated to design the test set-up allowing gain stability improvement, to realize a representative breadboard and test it over temperature. The second phase focused on...


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