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Competitiveness & Growth


The ARTES Competitiveness & Growth element is dedicated to the development, qualification, and demonstration of products such as a piece of equipment, either of the platform or payload of a satellite, a user terminal or a full telecom system integrating a network with its respective space segment.

News and Events

News and Events

  • IFM Micro 100

    The proposed activities are to develop the IFM Micro 100, a 100W class electric propulsion thruster based on FEEP technology. It is an externally mounted thruster intended for orbit raising and station keeping of Small-Satellites. Within the project the performance of the thruster will be optimized and the manufacturing line to prepare the IFM...

  • TOmCAT

    To overcome data rate limitations of RF communication links with satellites, the TOmCAT consortium led by TNO envisions terabit class optical communication feeder links for next generation very high throughput satellites. TOmCAT is a project which develops all key technologies to enable Ground Terminals for Terabit/s Optical Feeder Links.

  • Innovative demonstration of satellite IoT

    A demonstration of new technology that enables low power, low data rate communications to satellite.


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