Competitiveness & Growth

The ARTES Competitiveness & Growth element is dedicated to the development, qualification, and demonstration of products such as a piece of equipment, either of the platform or payload of a satellite, a user terminal or a full telecom system integrating a network with its respective space segment.

News and Events

News and Events


    Magnitude Space is building a nano‐satellite platform to provide low‐cost IoT data connectivity for sensors globally. In an open development environment, sensors will be integrated with small transmission hardware to send small packets of data to a low‐cost cube-sat constellation and from there via ground stations to data servers at the customers...

  • AMPT

    Innovative design of new ITAR free monopropellant 1N thruster developed specifically to out-perform existing flight-proven designs in terms of longevity. Radical use of materials, catalyst loading, nozzle and injector design, filtering and fine particle control, etc. will make this thruster a key player in the 1N chemical thruster market for...

  • Design Tool for High Performance Antenna Systems...

    The objective of the activity is to develop a design tool for RF analysis and optimisation of advanced reflector antenna systems that consist/involve periodic or quasi-periodic surfaces that can either reflect or transmit electromagnetic fields to fulfil certain radiation characteristics when illuminated by an external source.

  • NFG

    The project comprises investigation on how novel semiconductor technologies (GaN) can be used to meet demanding, future requirements on signal sources. The effort is divided in three consecutive technology steps. This first step include system definition, semiconductor technology trade-off and broadband VCO design including detailed PLL EM unit...

  • TxBx2

    Through the Artes-34 R&D project “Development of 2nd Generation Telemetry and Beacon Transmitter (“TxBx2”) with ESA, Kongsberg Norspace has developed and successfully qualified two new beacon transmitters at C-band and Ku-band. After the completion of the test campaign, the Ku-band unit was rebuilt to a frequency agile Telemetry Transmitter....

  • Unicorn 2

    Designing, building and testing the most advanced and first commercially-viable picosatellite in conjunction with a PocketQube Orbital Deployer - the means with which to launch a large number of PocketQubes profitably.



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