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European Workshop on On-Board Data Processing (OBDP2019)

The European Workshop on On-Board Data Processing (OBDP2019) covers topics related to on-board data processing for space applications. The event aims to provide an interface between on-board processing equipment manufacturers and data processing users.

The OBDP2019 is co-organised by ESA, CNES and DLR at ESTEC in the Netherlands.

The workshop will bring together representatives from the European space agencies and  industry to create a forum for presentations on past, current and future data processing topics and to organise round-tables on the topics of future development of on-board data processing systems and devices.

The round-table sessions aim to extract the needs and possibilities for on-board data processing in the future, as an input for future development activities.

All material presented at the workshop must, before submission, be cleared of any restrictions preventing it from being published on the OBDP website.


The OBDP2019 workshop will include sessions with the following topics:
  • Status of ESA, CNES and DLR On-Board Data Processing Activities
  • Current and Future Data Processing Requirements, Trends and Needs
  • Developments in On-Board Data Processing Applications and Architectures
    - Reconfigurable data processing architectures
    - Parallel processing frameworks
  • Devices and Equipment for On-Board Data Processing
    - DSP, FPGA, GPP, and GPU devices and benchmarks
    - Digital processing units (DPUs)
    - Processing systems based on COTS devices
  • On-board Data Processing Algorithms and Implementations
    - Hyperspectral image processing and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing
    - Image acquistion techniques
    - Data classification and selection
    - Visual navigation
    - Neural networks for on-board data processing
Additional topics may be added depending on contributions.


Attendance to the workshop is free of charge.
Registration HERE no later than the 20th of February 2019.

Event Date

25 February 2019 to 27 February 2019
Published 17 May 2018
Last updated at 14 January 2019 - 16:09