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Final Presentation on HDTV


The Final Presentation announcing results of the ESA Telecom funded study HDTV Opportunities for Satellite Broadcasting will be made at ESA/ESTEC on 5 April 2005.
The objective of the study was twofold. Firstly, to analyse the current status of the technology and market; and secondly, to forecast technological advances and market evolutions in Europe and in Canada for the period from 2005 to 2009.

As a conclusion, the study provides a set of recommendations to ESA on a possible roadmap for supporting European and Canadian Industries in the introduction of HDTV services via Satellite.

HDTV broadcasting has, so far, been broadcasted mainly outside Europe. Some main actors in the 'Direct to Home European' arena have recently announced broadcast of HDTV content in the near future. This will offer viewers the most major revolution in picture quality since the introduction of colour decades ago.

The presentation of the findings of this study will take place at ESA/ESTEC Noordwijk the Netherlands, on 5 April 2005 at 10:00.

Persons wishing to attend this Final Presentation should contact Mr. Fermin Alvarez Lopez by clicking on the link provided at the right of this page.

To read more about the ESA Telecom funded project HDTV Opportunities for Satellite Broadcasting, click on the link provided at the right of this page.

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Event Date

22 March 2005
Published 22 March 2005
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