Key Hispasat-AG1 Redsat component now ready

The Redsat onboard processor, a key to providing next-generation broadband through far better signal quality and speed at lower cost, is ready to be added to the first SmallGEO satellite platform for launch next year.

Following a test campaign at Thales Alenia Space Spain in Madrid, it will now be sent on to TESAT-Spacecom in Germany for integration on the Hispasat-AG1 satellite payload module. Hispasat will be the first satellite to use the SmallGEO platform.

The Redsat onboard processor (OBP) is a regenerative processor built by Spanish firm Thales Alenia Space in partnership with ESA and in association with Mier Communicaciones. It is a key part of the Redsat system.

To provide Internet broadband data services to its subscribers, Redsat will use the innovative Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite - Second Generation (DVB-S2) standard to carry out broadband multi-channel signal handling.

The Redsat OBP also features two Thales L-Band processor units, one Mier Communicaciones Ku/L band down and up converter unit and a box of Thales filters with its flight harness.

It is able to simultaneously process four 36 MHz communication channels. The OBP is in charge of demultiplexing, demodulation and decoding the received DVB-RCS uplink signals, and re-multiplexing the received data in order to build four DVB-S2 compliant downlink Transport Data Mechanisms (TDM).

Redsat is integrated into the SmallGEO satellite platform alongside the Transparent Repeater Payload to create the overall Hispasat-AG1 satellite.

Hispasat-AG1 will provide Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands and the Americas with faster multimedia services. It offers better signal quality and flexible land coverage.

“The successful test campaign of the Redsat OBP proves the dynamism of Spanish industry in delivering highly innovative key equipment for telecommunication satellites,” said Andrea Cotellessa, ESA’s SmallGEO Programme Manager.

“Thales España and MIER Communicaciones, both involved in Redsat development since 2008, will undoubtedly strengthen their presence on the fast-growing telecommunication market.”

As an element of ESA’s ARTES-11 Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems, SmallGEO is an ESA- and DLR-funded project to develop a general-purpose small geostationary telecom satellite platform.

The Hispasat-AG1 satellite was developed in a public–private partnership between Hispasat-OHB and ESA.

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24 April 2013
Published 01 May 2013
Last updated at 01 May 2013 - 15:11