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  • ARTES Competitiveness & Growth – the Outline and Full Proposal

  • Tesat-Spacecom's Ka-band IMUX now flying multiple missions

    31 August 2016 –  With the support of ARTES programme, Tesat-Spacecom (DE) developed a new line of input multiplexers which are now processing upwards of 1,400 channels on multiple telecoms missions.

  • ARTES enables mass production of coaxial circulators and isolators in Germany

    15 July 2016 – Tesat-Spacecom (DE) has developed robust, automised processes for the mass production of coaxial interface circulators and isolators for satellites. Some 10,000 units have now been produced this way, making the new product line an unparalleled success.

  • TESAT pioneers 3D Printing for RF components

    26 May 2015 – TESAT-Spacecom, one of Germany’s largest space technology companies, has pioneered the application of additive manufacturing techniques, also known as 3D printing, for the production of microwave components.

  • Flexible payloads come of age

    29 April 2016 – The Third ESA Workshop on Flexible Telecom Payloads which recently took place at ESTEC confirmed the evolution towards flexible payloads in the satellite industry.

  • Pioneer: Announcement of Opportunity

    23 March 2016 – Pioneer is a new ESA initiative that aims to facilitate in-orbit test flights for innovative services, applications, systems and technologies by providing affordable, timely and efficient access to space.

  • Airbus's new feed array for next-gen multi-beam antennas

    1 February 2016 – Multiple spot-beam antennas are becoming an increasingly important feature of today's telecom satellites. In acknowledgement of this, Airbus Defence and Space UK initiated the development of the Large Ku-band Multi-spot Feed Array (LMFA) with the support of ESA through the ARTES Competitiveness & Growth programme.

  • Newtec partners turnkey VSAT platform for Yahsat

    25 November 2015 – ESA’s ARTES programme has been instrumental in helping Newtec (BE) to win a contract with UAE-based Yahsat for the delivery of service platforms and operating systems to support that satellite operator's entry into the Brazilian satellite broadband services market. 

  • Atlas in orbit

    6 November 2015 – The first three products supported by the Atlas extension to the ARTES 3-4 programme have entered into service on Eutelsat's 8 West B satellite, which was launched 20 August. The launch of these first units represents a major milestone for Atlas, which was initiated in 2013 to support first flight opportunities for new space technologies.

  • Eutelsat flies TAS’s new flexible frequency converter

    2 November 2015 – The payload of Eutelsat 8 West B satellite, launched on 20 August, included advanced interference-mitigation capabilities developed by Thales Alenia Space with the support of ESA through the ARTES programme.