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  • Presentations for the Telecom Applications Workshop 2006 now online

    Presentations from the recently completed 2006 Telecom Applications Workshop held at ESA ESTEC in Noordwijk the Netherlands are now available on-line. Each of the twenty-six presentations can be downloaded for your reference.

  • Joint Conference: Satellites Systems Serving the Needs for the 21st Century

    The 19th Ka and Broadband Communications Conference, hosted by ESA and the Italian Space Agency, and the 31st AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference will be held jointly in Florence, Italy.

  • Atlas programme marks first agreement for first flight opportunity

    With assistance from ESA´s Atlas extension of the ARTES 3-4 programme, a new generation of advanced functions designed by European industry will be deployed onboard the Eutelsat 8 West B satellite that will be operated by Eutelsat.

  • Advanced Multimedia Van debuts for the first European Satellite UMTS demonstration

    The European Space Agency's Multimedia Van was on display at the ASMS Conference 2003 at ESRIN in Frascati Italy on July 10 and 11 for the first European Satellite UMTS demonstration.

  • Artemis team receives award for space rescue

    The Artemis Satellite Team has been awarded the 2003 Space Operations & Support Award at the AIAA's Space 2003 Conference at Long Beach, California (USA).

  • Avanti launches Music Channel

    Avanti Communications of the UK has launched its own music video channel. Called MVN (Music Video Network), the channel is intended to respond to consumer demand and replace audio entertainment with multi-media imagery and uninterrupted audio as well as in-store entertainment and branding experiences.

  • Workshop on Unmanned Aerial Systems and Satellite Services planned

    A workshop on the use of satellites for the Integration of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in European Airspace will take place on the 27 and 28 of May at ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. The workshop is co-organised by the European Space Agency and the European Defence Agency.

  • ARTES supports new era of bandwidth efficiency

    ESA´s ARTES programme is ensuring the European satcom industry stays on top of its game in the worldwide market. Working with some of the most innovative companies in Europe, ESA offers its expertise to ensure concepts like “next generation technology” become reality.

  • All the news that's fit to beam

    Flooding in the UK. Forest fires in Spain. Headlines bombard us every day. As fast as we can pick up our smartphones or log on to our computers, we want the news and we want it now. And its delivery just got easier.

  • Getting the picture via satellite

    As cinema owners worldwide begin to embrace new digital technologies via satellite, audiences are being given more ways to enjoy an evening at the movies.