The objective of this activity is to develop a concept of a high-power output Butler matrix with integrated filtering transfer functions for multiport power amplifiers. The concept will be implemented and experimentally tested (including high power testing) in anengineering model with critical functions in Q, Ka or Ku band.Targeted Improvements:- 30% mass and size reduction.- Number of parts reduced of a factor 3.Description: Advanced telecommunication payloads require flexibility in the allocation of the throughput capacity through the use of a high number of spot beams. Depending on the traffic distribution on the Earth's surface, some spot beams may require higher bandwidth and power than others. In this scenario, multiport power amplifiers are an attractive solution as they can efficiently direct the power to the required set of beams. The constituting elements are the input network (INET)and the output network (ONET) that, when combined, provide a transparent transfer function. Recent advances in digital on-board processors have shown that the traditional architecture of the multiport power amplifier can be optimised and the INET can be implemented digitally.The ONET has to handle high power levels (greater than 50 W), hence it is still required to be analogue. In order to suppress the spurious frequencies generated by the power amplifiers, filtering functions are added separately at the output of the ONET. Higher throughputs require communications to operate in the Ku/Ka-band frequency range (or higher) due to more bandwidth being available. Merging the selectivity directly into the output Butler matrix, hence creating a filtering distribution network, could lead to substantial savings in terms of mass and size. Due to the inherently complex nature of the design, additive manufacturing techniques should be exploited as a possible enabler of compact filtering ONETs. Procurement Policy: C(1) = Activity restricted to non-prime contractors (incl. SMEs). For additional information please go to: http://www.esa.int/About_Us/Business_with_ESA/Small_and_Medium_Sized_En…

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