Status date

The scope of the ACCESS 2 project is the enhancement of the system management tools as well as the functional and hardware integration of the DVB-RCS terminal and POP-router, both activities focusing on the cost reduction objective. The enhanced system management tools has lowered the installation and operational costs and the terminal integration has substantially reduce the cost of the terminal for the end-user within the BtoB market. Optimized operational and capital costs for DVB-RCS services has allowed Newtec to further develop its market shares.


The following strategic partners were part of the ACCESS 2 development project led by Newtec:

Alcatel Alenia Space Antwerp (former Alcatel Bell Space) (Belgium) developed fault, resource and monitoring management on the existing AASA building blocks (RLP drive, ATM mux and FLE) and ported the RLP operating system from Sun OS to Linux .

Andrew, Skyware (Germany) with experience in volume manufacturing of transceivers, ODU and LNbs and developed a Ku-band transceiver (L-band interface between indoor and outdoor units).

Tellitec (Germany) with experience in acceleration of IP over satellite, used in this project for security and encryption features for the VPN Manager and for the integration of the VPN client into the new terminal.

The developments have been validated with the assistance of the existing installed base of 2Way-Sat operators.




Better market offering resulting in lowered Capex and Opex for our customers through:

Low cost integrated terminal

Optimized terminal installation costs

Optimized system operations costs


The objectives of the realized developments were cost reduction for the terminal, the terminal installation and for the system's operations. The resulting features group around the following:

Low cost integrated terminal

Optimized terminal installation costs

Optimized system operations costs

The following features have been implemented :

  • The management of remote terminal by the Terminal Management Server (TMS),

  • Customer & Service Viewer management tool for the operator (CCMT-SAP) (development with underlying AASA developments e.g. FW/RT redirect),

  • Use of more cost efficient HW and OS systems in the Hub (RLP on Linux, Cisco 3750s, optimized LAN switches usage through VLANs),

  • Accelerated VPN feature & Services, reducing cost of ownership due to integrated operations & management with POP-router (co-development with Tellitec),

  • Development of full transparent TCP acceleration,

  • Extended Performance Monitoring, providing datamining and histogram capabilities,

  • Extended SEMS functionalities further integrating the AASA building blocks (RLP, FLE, ATM-MUX).

The ACCESS 2 development project ran for 2 years and 4 months, exceeding the initial anticipated time frame. A rescheduling of the AMS development and the PER measurements activity to later releases due to a change in business and commercial priorities were the root cause of the longer project duration. The other features realized through the ACCESS 2 development project have been operational for more than one year on the installed 2 Way-Sat networks.

Current status

The project has been successfully terminated.