Status date

The re-orientation of the Access 3 project had as first objective to strengthen Newtec’s Sat3play Product Line for the consumer market, secondly to ensure a complete product portfolio. Two key capabilities required for the consumer market resulted from the re-oriented ACCESS 3 Project:

  • Capability of Mass Production,
  • Capability of Do-It-Yourself installation of the Sat3Play terminal.

The Sat3Play Product portfolio has been broadened by capability of:

  • 120 cm antenna,
  • The D1-modem capable of working with of-the -shelf BUCs.

All issues are resolved.


The expected benefits are a fully adapted Sat3Play product oriented on the consumer market. This has been realised through the mass production capability for Sat3Play terminals and through introduction of the Point&Play tool for Do-It-Yourself terminal installations.


As a result of the ACCESS3 project Newtec is capable of producing high monthly volumes in a reliable manner (> 15K/month) required by the consumer market.

Mass volume production of iLNBs

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A second key feature realised through the ACCESS 3 project is the Do-it –Yourself installation of the Sat3Play terminal by means of the handy Point&Play tool.

Point&Play installation setup

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For areas at the edge of the satellite footprint or for frequency bands such as C-band, the product portfolio extension with the 120 cm Antenna and the D1 modem working with off-the-shelf BUC will ensure that those areas or frequency bands can be covered with Sat3Play system solutions.


The project has been finalised.

Current status

The ACCESS 3 project has been successfully finalised.