C-Band Feed Horn

Status date

The main objective of the program was the qualification of a low mass and very high power corrugated feed for C-band telecom applications.


The complete design was done in aluminium and its total mass is below 1.5Kg.


PIMP was tested with values of <-140dBm for two 100w carriers.

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The main issues was to achieve a chip and light design with very good electrical performances and PIMP free. The main challenges was mass and PIMP.


Both in European and American market, the C-band feeds designs that are currently implemented comes from 80s, and their mass is around 6Kg. Our product provides an important mass saving with identical or even better electrical performances and constructed in aluminium, which provides a high reliability.


The Feed consist on: a corrugated horn, a circular to rectangular transition and a support structure. A Tx/Rx diplexer was also developed along the program and tested together with the feed.


The develop plan was performed in three main phases; the design of the complete set of elements, its manufacturing and, finally, the qualification of the assembly, including PIMP test.

Current status

The equipment today is fully qualified. The program is finished.