Current State of Space Telecom Technologies Being Developed Outside Europe and Canada

Status date

This work as a whole was aimed at the identification of companies outside of Europe carrying out Satellite Communications Systems (SATCOM) technological development and the products using these developments.

The scope of this project was to perform a survey of the main companies in competing countries outside Europe (primarily in the USA, Russia and Japan but including others that are relevant such as Israel, Bulgaria and South Korea) that have an important role in the Commercial Space domain. This study identified their:

  • Current key technologies,

  • The main areas of technology development, and

  • The main sources of funding and funding levels for technology developments.

A major portion of this work was devoted to the detailed investigation of 33 major companies outside of Europe involved in the development of these technologies.


It is planned by ESA that the findings of this study will form the basis of a report that will then be distributed to all National Agencies and to the technology strategy units of European Industries involved in space technology developments. This survey is intended to be one of the elements in support of the definition of the European strategy for space technology developments.




The Project was structured in four main Tasks.

  • Task 1: Identification of the Worldwide Commercial Space Industry Environment

  • Task 2: Detailed Analysis of the Commercial Space Industry in Some Non-European Countries

  • Task 3: Implications to the European Commercial Space Industry

  • Task 4: Final Report and Presentation
Current status

Project started on January 12, 2004 and was completed on December 31, 2004