European Space Agency

DC/DC Converter for Input Section Equipment


The objective of the current activity is to develop a DC/DC converter to be integrated as part of MIER active equipment for reception.


This activity is aimed to design a more competitive product in terms of performance, schedule, price and flexibility.

ITAR components will be avoided.


This development will allow MIER to produce a more competitive DC/DC converter and therefore be able to offer more competitive equipment for reception.


The DC/DC converter will supply a range of output power from 15W to 30W for equipment in telecommunication payloads.

It will be designed such that with minor modifications it will be able to supply RF equipment with primary bus from 30V to 100V (to be used in different platforms). The design will be implemented in polyimide PCB.


The project is divided into a design and BB manufacture and test phase.

  • Design phase from KO to MTR,
  • BB manufacture and Test: from MTR to FR.

The planning for this activity is as follows:

  • BDR: November 2011,
  • MTR: June 2012,
  • FR: April 2013.

Current status

The project has been completed. The following activities have been completed:

  • Analysis of platform requirements for each of the bus voltages considered in the proposal,
  • Detailed design and analysis of 35V, 50V, 70V and 100V DC/DC converters,
  • 100 V and 50V DC/DC Converters Engineering Model (EM) Manufacturing, Integration and Test.

Status date

Thursday, December 17, 2015 - 11:33