Fast Test Techniques For Active Multibeam Multimedia Antennas

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The main objectives of the project consist of developing new solutions in terms of test techniques, instrumentation and methods in order to overcome the three critical difficulties facing the space industry for the testing of multi-beam antennas:

  • Reducing the duration of the tests,
  • Testing very large antennas payloads and satellite platforms,
  • Testing end-to-end configurations close to real operational conditions.

The validation of the new solutions will be performed at breadboard level.






In order to conduct this study, it is necessary to perform the following set of activities:

  • Identification of critical areas associated with the test requirements of multi-beam antennas,
  • Investigation of the test techniques and associated implementation plan,
  • Development of test procedures and critical technology and/or method,
  • Implementation of the demonstration tests,
  • Critical Assessment and Outlook.

The project shall be carried out within a timeframe of 14 months with the following milestones:

Concept selection review May 2010
Test Readiness Review October 2010
Test Review Board December 2010
Final Review March 2011
Current status

Completed in February 2012.