European Space Agency

Highly Distributed Small Gateway for VHTS Applications


The objectives of the activity are focused on the study of a system architecture based on a large number of small gateways.

The major outcomes of the study are expected to be:

  • a demonstration of the viability of such type of architecture, in terms of Gateway and System performances,
  • an identification of any critical technology gaps to realizing such a system and proposed roadmaps for future development,
  • an identification of any relevant ‘spin-in’ technologies from terrestrial communications systems that can be leveraged.


The main challenge is to reduce CAPEX and OPEX system cost while increasing number of gateway.

System Architecture

Reference system architecture is a VHTS system including satellite segment and ground segment using a small number of large Ka/Q/V gateway.

Several system architecture will be addressed to evaluate use of large number of highly distributed small sized gateway.


The overall work logic is presented in following figure.

First, WP100 will determine system architecture favouring highly distributed gateway. WP200 will address Cost and Feasibility. Then, WP300 will address gap analysis and roadmap

Current status

Work is in progress to release TN1.

ISR expected in March, SCR end of April or beginning of May, Final review prior summer 2020.

Status date

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 10:50