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IMS Satcom Integration


The goal of this ARTES-5 project is to assess the technical and business benefits of integrating the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) in Satellite based core telecom networks, and to explore to what extent any recommendations coming from this study can be merged into standardisation activities to allow a broad and open adaptation across the industry.

The project is divided into four work areas:

  • An architecture study,
  • A performance anc complexity trade-off,
  • The development of a demonstrator over a live satcom access network,
  • A standardisation study and implementation plan.

The main objectives of this activity will be to study and demonstrate that Broadband Satcom Networks can be seamlessly integrated within an IMS network based, both in terms of protocols and in terms of performance (QoS, time to establish application sessions, etc).

In addition this study identifies all the compatibility issues encountered and will propose a way forward to handle such problems with minimum or preferably no impact on emerging terrestrial IMS standards.


The key issue of the project is the integration of IMS infrastructure with Satcom networks. Furthermore, QoS analysis and validation of integration approaches in different operational (business) scenarios is done from a theoretical and practical point of view (lab studies and real-world implementation).

Finally, relevant standardisation efforts will be examined: possible gaps will be identified and the way forward in standardisation described.


Experience with architectural design, performance and complexity modelling of IMS/NGN in Satcom core areas is studied, and practical implementation issues of integrated Satcom-IMS networks will be gained and solutions will be proposed. Contributions for the ongoing standardisation efforts of Next Generation Networks (NGN) and IMS may result depending on the adoption of the work within the relevant bodies.


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The IMS Satcom integration project will assess the added value and integration of IMS in both SCPC and DVB-RCS networks, aiming to use open platforms and interfaces that are non-proprietary to maximise the applicability of the research done in an operational environment.


The project will assess the added value and technical feasibility of IMS in Satcom core networks in four steps:

  • An architecture study in which both SCPC and DVB-RCS networks will be studied from a technical and a business point of view,
  •  A performance and complexity trade-off analysis for the most suitable candidate architectures of the architecture study,
  • The development of a demonstrator on a live Satcom network,
  • A gap analysis of IMS in Satcom core networks standardisation activities, including the description of how to close such gap.


Current status

The current status, as of November 18th 2009, is that the project has successfully delivered the architecture study, the performance and complexity trade-off, the demonstrator, and the standardisation activities. Following the delivery of a final report and an executive summary the project is now completed.

Status date

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 - 13:40