Ku Band High Power Feed Chain

Status date

The goal of the project was the development and qualification of an innovative high-power Ku-band feed chain at EQM level.

The main foci for the development are:

  • Significantly higher multipacting threshold,
  • Combined Tx/Rx operation with reduced PIM risk,
  • Improved thermal performance,
  • Increase of the operational frequency band width,
  • Excellent RF performance.

The feed chain shall keep the modular interface philosophy to allow for individual adaptation to specific customer requirements.

  • Generic Design covering future requirements,
  • Highly reproducible,
  • Integrated manufacturing technology (minimising the number of RF interfaces, based on a monolithic manufacturing process for OMT),
  • Increased multipaction and PIM performance,
  • Excellent RF performance.

Qualified design of a high performance feed chain with extreme high cross-polar discrimination, low return loss and high port-to-port isolation over an increased frequency range for high RF power applications.


The EQM feed chain consists of a corrugated horn, a transition from circular to square waveguide, an Ortho-mode Transducer (OMT), feed brackets and a thermal radiator. The following major requirements shall be fulfilled:

  • Frequency: 10.7 - 14.5 GHz,
  • Combined Tx / Rx,
  • RF power: > 2 x 24 carriers à 110 W,
  • 3rd order PIMP: < -145 dBm,
  • Operating temperature range: -150 ºC < T < +146 ºC.

Development and qualification of an EQM High-Power Antenna Feed System covering the full operational Ku Band (FSS) with high interface flexibility (el. & mech.) for implementation into a dedicated antenna as complete feed chain or at component level.

Current status

Project finalized with the successfully verification and qualification of the Engineering Qualification Model (EQM) of the High-Power Feed Chain.

EQM High power feed chain assembly before thermal painting
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EQM High power feed chain assembly

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