Low rate VSAT SCADA Network, CCN-1 integrated terminal Low rate VSAT SCADA Network, CCN-1 integrated terminal

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The project objective has been to develop a fully integrated low data rate VSAT terminal specifically targeting the industrial IoT market segment, based on DVB-S2/RCS2 standards, in addition to an extended feature set required for IoT network operations.

Fig: TSAT 4000 integrated terminal modem


The key challenge in the project has been to adapt the SW/FW developed for the TSAT4000 standalone terminal to the completely different RF environment of the RF modem implementation.


The totally integrated design and high volume production of the integrated RCS2 results in a very cost-effective solution specifically addressing the industrial IoT market segment.


The key features of TSAT 4000 are:

  • A low cost, low entry yet scalable hub design with feature set adapted to IoT network communication.
  • Effective use of space segmented adapted to IoT traffic patterns, with emphasis on a low data rate, cost effective forward link
  • A simple, dedicated Network Management System (NMS).
  • A cost-effective, integrated all-in-one RCS2 terminal.
System Architecture

The basic network architecture is a standard VSAT star network architecture, which is very suitable for typical SCADA/M2M/IoT traffic patterns, with data collection from remote sites to a centrally located operational control centre.

The Network Management System (NMS) is connected to the central hub station. The hub will typically be co-located and connected to the application front end processor in the users operational control centre, while the remote terminals will be connected to the sensor equipment at the remote sites.


The project was completed in December 2018. 

Current status

The project was completed in December 2018.

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