European Space Agency


The objective of the activity is the design, manufacture, and test of a prototype of a commercially viable 40-GHz LNA for gateway application. The LNA is based on European monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) technology.


In this project low Noise Figure, high gain and very good matching are demanded over a significant fraction of the Q-band. LNAFIN Oy designs the WR-22 packaged redundant LNA unit. MMIC designs implemented need to be very high performance units using the most modern mHEMT technology available.


This project designs WR-22 packaged LNA which has high gain, NF at ca. 2.5 dB with simultaneous input and output port RL values exceeding 18 dB from 35 to 45 GHz.


The designed LNA module is feasible, but requires further work on the MMIC implementations and physical integration.



System Architecture

This is a WR-22 waveguide packaged ultra low-noise LNA. The unit has internal redundancy as it includes two high-performance LNA units in parallel. The units can be turned on/off by an external telecommand interface.


Project has two (2) Phases which include five (5) Tasks.


Current status

Project has ended.

Status date

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 12:36