European Space Agency

QUP Ka/Q-Band Up Converter


The Ka/Q-Band Up Converter Programme objective is to complement and to further strengthen RSE’s converter and receiver products by performing following key development activities in Q/V Converter product area:

  • The design and development of a Ku to Q Upconverter, realized as an EM.
  • The design and development of converter mixer and PA MMICs.


MMIC Design in Q-band (40 GHz) is challenging and will require careful modelling and optimization

The Spurious signals suppression, eg. 4xLO, is challenging, and requires use of advanced mixer topologies.


The program will make RUAG Space competitive both in Europe and US in the product area.


Key features:

  • Excellent performance
  • Low mass
  • Small size
  • Low cost

system architecture

The Converter RF chain comprises four main components:

1. Input filter

2. Mixer MMIC including buffer amplifiers

3. Output filter

4. Output amplifier MMIC

The nominal gain of mixer MMIC and output amplifier MMIC is based on a converter unit gain of typically 30 dB. The sum of the mixer and output amplifier MMICs nominal gain values gives 10 dB margin for filter and other losses/ tolerances.

A block diagram is given below.



July 2016


Sep 2016

Phase 1 Review

Jun 2017


Aug 2017


Feb 2018

Final Review

May 2018

Current status

Preparation for Preliminary Design Review on-going, to be held in Sep 2016.

Status date

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 - 08:33