RE-RS Global method for telecommunication satellite payload


The objective is to provide a robust and efficient test mean for electro-magnetic compatibility and workmanship testing of complex telecommunication satellite payloads. The method aims to become generic for all kinds of telecommunication satellite platforms.


The main challenges of this project are:

  • Develop a generic test mean compatible for all telecommunication satellite platforms size,
  • Take into account the industrial constraints of complex payloads to allow significant time and costs savings,
  • Improve the current test method to be more representative of EMC analysis.


  • Time saving expected by 1/3,
  • Security improvement for equipment (no more operations into the module).


The method is based on the use of a mobile and flexible reverberating chamber covering the whole satellite payload and allowing the global electrical field characterization inside the satellite module.


  • Assess the background validations and theoretical basis,
  • Specify the MGSE, EGSE and software,
  • Develop and test the MGSE, EGSE and software,
  • Validate the method on a real telecommunication satellite payload.

Current status

The test mean has been installed and tested.
A RE-RS test campaign has been performed on 2 real telecommunication satellite payloads. The results overpassed the expected benefits in terms of testing time saving improvement (1/5) and cost savings.


Status date

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 11:51