Saturn 120

Status date

The project is to develop a platform for stabilising a 1.2 m Ku-band antenna for broadband at sea.

The project objective is the realization of a scalable, reliable, price competitive and support friendly maritime stabilised antenna platform for Ku-band.


Reliably find and thereafter stabilise the antenna and track the selected satellite with required pointing accuracy while subjected to large sea motions.


Main benefits are lower production price and higher performance than existing platforms. Performance is mainly related to higher broadband service availability and much easier service and support which significantly reduces the life cycle cost.


A fully integrated transceiver directly interfacing the antenna centre feed:

  • Full flexibility in remote selection of receive and extended transmit frequency band and co-pol and x-pol without external boxes,
  • Gives lower inertia i.e. less motor torque requirements,
  • Lower weight,
  • Lower centre of gravity i.e. less force from tangential accelerations and vibration/shock,
  • Easy access for service.

Search and Tracking performance:

  • Special calibration and control loop algorithms, which enables accurate and reliable stabilisation and tracking with low cost sensors,
  • An advanced tracking receiver, which independently of the VSAT modem can check the communication carrier qualities and provides advanced tools for satellite identification,
  • Fast finding the Satellite under heavy sea conditions,
  • Sensor fusion of inertia sensors and low cost position sensors for directly finding the satellite under heavy sea conditions.

Test, service and support:

  • Fully web based interface for test, support and service accessible inside radome, on the ship and remotely.

Finalised development at end of 2010

Current status

The equipment is now on final sea trials on different types of vessels with three different service providers.. Commercial sales will start very soon.