SDRMakerspace - Software Define Radio (SDR) “Makerspace” for satellite communication

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Software Defined Radio (SDR), the concept of using software instead of physical components to create radio systems has seen enormous growth due to advancements in digital electronics and open-source.


In order to further facilitate the use of SDR technologies in satellite communications, the European Space Agency and Libre Space Foundation joined forces to create under the ARTES program. is an activity framework that brings together makers, open-source hackers, radio amateurs, researchers and academia from all over Greece and Europe. provides funding and resources to a passionate community tackling challenges in using SDR for satellite communications, opening up this field to a wide variety of people, organizations and companies.


The main challenges faced by the project are quick turnaround of activities from various implementers that have not been engaged by ESA projects or activities before.


By enabling quick sub-activities with open source targets, SDRMakerspace is able to explore different synergies in the software defined radio ecosystem and try out concepts and state-of-the-art technologies as demostrators.


The overall work timeline can be divided in 3 time periods with concurrent Work Packages execution through them. A brief 2-month period in the start of the activity focusing on preparing all the necessary work for the technical sub-activities and identifying sub-activities and implementers, a main 12-month period of sub-activities implementation and finally a 2-month period for further dissemination and wrap up.

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Activity is currently in progress.

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