Web-based Remote Monitoring Rider 2

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In the Web-RM2 study new visualisation concepts for ESA's Mission Control system SCOS-2000 are developed. The enhancements provide Web Access from location outside the Mission Control Centre. Probable users are payload owners e.g. of telecommunication satellites.


Only few technical requirements must be present for such an Web based entry point:


  • An Internet connection
  • A standard Web browser

Two different Web systems are developed and enhanced in Web-RM 2:


Web-RM Online Monitoring System.


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  This system is based on Web, CORBA and Java technology. The operator can online monitor telemetry, events, and tele-commands. The user interfaces are implemented as Java applets, which are embedded into a Web page. The operator can define in a modular way new types of monitoring displays.



The development of a security concept which fits to the CORBA communication is an important part of the activities.


TDRS Offline Data Retrieval System.



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  This system is based on conventional Web technology. The operator can define offline jobs for collecting telemetry parameter values. The jobs are executes by the TDRS system in background and the results are deliverd to the user via E-Mail or FTP.
  • Allows online monitoring of telemetry, events and tele-commands
  • Allows offline retrieval of telemetry parameters
  • Takes in account the security policy from ESA
  • Allows the definition of user specific displays
  • The study will extend the Operations Concept of SCOS-2000 in order to support distributed scenarios. An operator can be located offside the Mission Control Centre to perform most of the monitoring tasks.
  • There are only few technical requirements for an external user to participate in the operation: A Web browser and an internet connection.
  • Installation of the clients is very simple, because the Web technology automates most of the steps.
  • The definition of user specific displays allows a more individual configuration of the user interface.
  • The online and offline monitoring systems there are specific optimised for the corresponding tasks.
  • The security policies of ESA are considered in the concepts and in the implementation.
Web-RM Online Monitoring System


The system architecture of the Web-based remote monitoring system is shown in the figure below:


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Web-RM clients are located in an external LAN. The CORBA services (EXIF) which are used by the clients are located together with the SCOS-2000 mission control system in the operational LAN.

All machines in the operational LAN are protected through a firewall. The firewall allows only communication from the external LAN to the intermediate relay LAN. Machines located in the relay LAN can either perform local processing or forwarding of messages to the operational LAN. The CORBA gateway is such a component, which forwards the CORBA request of external clients to the internal CORBA services.




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  From the different CORBA services of the EXIF external interfaces the subset of the provision services are used by the client. This ensures that only monitoring can be performed from external locations.
TDRS Offline Data Retrieval System


The system architecture of the TDRS telemetry data retrieval system is shown in the figure below:



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TDRS clients are simple Web browsers which are located in an external LAN. The services which are used by the Web browsers are split in a Web frontend part and a retrieval backend part.

The retrieval backend part performs the telemetry parameter value extraction and is located together with the SCOS-2000 mission control system in the operational LAN.

The Web frontend part is located in an intermediate LAN. A firewall protects the system in the operational LAN from direct external access.



Communication between the Web browser and the Web frontend is performed via the standard internet protocol HTTP, communication between the Web frontend and the retrieval backend is done via native TCP/IP.



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  The TDRS frontend and backend part is composed by several components, which are shown in the figure on the left.

The Web-RM 2 project was kicked off in July, 2002.


The Design phase was finalised in March 2003 with the Architectural Design Review.


The First Delivery to ESA will be in May 2003.


The Final Delivery and Final presentation will be on 21st January, 2004.


Current status

In progress.