The objective of this activity is to design, manufacture and test Ka- or Ku-band transmit and receive RF filters with broadband reflectionless performance.Targeted Improvements:At least 20 dB improvement in out-of-band reflection attenuation, resulting in simplification of the RF line-up by providing a reflectionless filter which could half the number of attenuators and isolators typicallyemployed.Description:RF filters are key elements in any RF chain, particularly for frequency converters. Nonlinear devices, suchas mixers, limiters or high-gain amplifiers, have a highly sensitive response to out-of-band spectral components which are reflected from filters in the RF line-up. These filters are, however, needed for suppression of unwanted out-of-band spectral components. Reflections can be reduced by inserting attenuators in the reflective path; however, this method degrades the signal-to-noise ratio and the dynamic range of the system. In addition, for impedance matching and microwave protection purposes, isolators are used in the RF line-up, but this introduces additional losses, accommodation issues and out-of-band isolation limitations. For these reasons, the introduction of reflectionless and non-reciprocal filters into the RF line-up would reduce the need for using attenuations for reflection reduction and isolators for impedance matching.This activity will develop, manufacture and test two reflection-less RF filter engineering models implementing critical functions at Ku- and Ka-band. The designed filters shall achieve low insertion loss and broadband, i.e. in-band and out-of-band, matching performance in comparison to the standard design approach used today. Environmental testing shall include evaluation of the filter critical matching performance and stability over temperature.

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