Objective: The objective of the activity is to design, develop and validate the security architecture for space networks, their intersatellite links, and their end-to-end links, in support of constellation satellite monitoring and control operations. Targeted Improvements:Enabling secure control and monitoring of telecom satellite constellations not available today. Description:Satellite constellations including intersatellite links are already an important topology for telecommunication missions. In parallel, security awareness has raised to the point that most modern missions consider the protection of their assets and in particular their spacecraft. The classical CCSDS communications link standards are oriented to missions with a very simple network topology: a single spacelink. Hence, spacecraft identification takes place at the link layer making it unsuitable for networking applications. Furthermore,the existing CCSDS standardisation on security does not cover the needs of earth orbiting space network topologies. CCSDS has foreseen the combination with IP protocols, which have long been used in terrestrial networks. However, a recent study has shown the limitations of this approach applied to constellations. Hence, the specific communications issues and problems related to networking andsecurity in satellite constellations need to be studied and solved to develop a secure space network that would allow to control and monitor a constellation with a few ground stations connecting to the space nodes (satellites) while exploiting intersatellite links. This activity will study the overall network security architecture including ground stations, satellites and their intersatellitelinks, in support of monitoring and control of constellation satellite platforms and payloads. This will include to- define a reference scenario - identify a suitable protocol stack - perform a threats assessment - develop a platform and payload control security solution- develop a testbed and verify the chosen techniques.

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