Water is one of the most important substances on Earth and covers 70% of the planet. However, every year competition for a clean, copious supply of water intensifies. Fresh water is threatened by a myriad of forces including overdevelopment, polluted runoff and global warming. Space applications can help to alleviate water scarcity problems in numerous ways. The "Water Scarcity" Kick Start offers 75% funding of up to 60,000 EUR for teams to explore the technical and commercial feasibility of a new service tackling issues related to water scarcity. Proposed services can address one of the following topics: planning and monitoring desalination plants, addressing groundwater depletion, digitising the water and wastewater industry, reducing water loss during distribution, improving water harvesting, optimising purification applications, and supporting new farming techniques that use less water. The services put forward must use at least one type of space asset, such as Earth observation, Satellite Communication, or Satellite Navigation technology.

Tender Specifics