Objective:The objective of the activity is to establish an agile framework to prototype a number of promising spectrum sharing techniques that would enable more efficient use of satellite spectrum and an improved sharing with terrestrial systems.Targeted Improvements:Improving the efficiency up to 10% in the use of the spectrum by coexisting satellite systems and enabling sharing with terrestrial systems.Description:More and more, the satellite communications community is forced to share its spectrum with incumbent or new users. Only gradually, it is embarking on such schemes (i.e. recent announcements of some operators' intentions to share C-band). On the other hand, the pace of developments related to spectrum sharing in the terrestrial community is extremely high compared to the satellite communications domain. It is therefore important to have the capability to react quickly to proposed spectrum sharing schemes and explore synergies, threats and opportunities vis--vis future satellite communications.Rapid assessment of technologies and concepts will be achieved by initiating a multitude of small prototyping activities with minimal administrative burden. The activity will specifically involve very small industrial players/Maker-spaces/academia throughout Europe, which are presently mainlyfocused on terrestrial and consumer-oriented communication projects. Within this activity it is proposed to conduct as a minimum 12small hardware and software prototyping activities, focusing on developing new technology.The prime contractor will be responsiblemanaging separate individual development contracts placed with suitable entities from the Satellite Spectrum MakerSpace. The prime contractor will coordinate and manage the activities of the group and will oversee the hardware prototyping activities. The initial four prototyping activities will be defined by ESA and requested as part of the Statement of Work. As these prototyping activities willbe initiated in 2019, and the developments in the field of spectrum management have a fast pace, the detailed requirements of the initial four prototyping activities will be defined at initiation of the activity.Preliminary proposals for these initial four prototyping activities are the practical spectrum sharing between terrestrial and satellite in the 26 or 28 GHz band, cognitive approachesto allow Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands or other bands for M2M/IoT, support to a Satellite Spectrum Challenge whichwill solicit solutions for some specific satellite spectrum issues, and prototype sharing schemes beyond those like the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).The subsequent prototyping activities will be defined by ESA during the course of the activity in consultation with the prime contractor. This will allow initiating small prototyping activities in line with developments as taking place in the spectrum management community.The activity will target specifically SMEs and industries, which normally do not engage withESA. The activity will engage with the community of start-up companies, university spin-offs, very small companies which often implement projects in the spirit of open source hardware and full sharing of intellectual property.footnote: On Delegation Request(formerly called Priority 2) activities will only be initiated on the explicit request of at least one National Delegation.ProcurementPolicy: C(2) = A relevant participation (in terms of quality and quantity) of non-primes (incl. SMEs) is required. For additional information please go to EMITS news "Industrial Policy measures for non-primes, SMEs and RD entities in ESA programmes".

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