Future Preparations

The ARTES Future Preparations element focuses on defining market opportunities; regulatory barriers; standards; future frequency spectrum needs; as well as economic and business issues relating to the development of future satellite telecommunications concepts and technologies to assist European and Canadian industry in the development of innovative telecommunication services.

News and Events

News and Events


    The feasibility study of VDES satellite component system consisted in exploring user needs and required services, defining satellite technical solutions in response of the user needs and performing trade-off analyses of the satellite technical solutions.

  • TAG

    Study defining a concept of use of Thermo-Acoustic Electric Generation for communication satellites, assessing suitable TAG systems, the benefits and constraints of introducing this type of engine into Satcom Satellites, and defining a roadmap for the introduction to market of these engines with the aim of supporting ARTES.


    The RAMSES (Roadmap for Advanced Mobile SatellitE Systems) project has been defined in order to contribute to the definition of roadmaps of new solutions – new technologies, new products – for the successful deployment of Next Generation Mobile Satellite Systems in the 2025 timeframe.


    Telecom satellite transponder specifications relating to transmission performances which may be overly stringent, and which could be relaxed, thereby reducing satellite overall cost and schedule.

  • PACO_ Payload competitiveness improvement plan...

    The aim of the study is to define an ambitious roadmap for payloads in the C/Ku-band core market in order to achieve a significant competitiveness improvement.


    Elaborate a vision and propose a strategy for the satellite telecom sector based on an innovative yet realistic technology roadmap, to both alleviate risks and exploit opportunities of the “Digital Disruption” that will affect most sectors of the world economy, and the IT and media industry in particular, in the coming decade.


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